Rotarians are Making a Difference with Volunteerism and Support

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We were blessed in September to have Ohio Rotarians from Sunbury, Tri-Village, New Albany, Mt. Vernon, Delaware, Westerville, and Sunbury Galena Rotary Clubs join us at Exact Machine Corporation in Sunbury, Ohio, to prep drive rods for LifePumps that were just shipped to Africa. They did the important work of inspecting the rods and then meticulously cleaning off the machine oil from the manufacturing process. They also had the opportunity to tour Exact Machine, led by DO Manufacturing Director Rich Arthur, and witnessed firsthand how some of the LifePump components are made.

One workday was especially memorable as Zenah Jepchirchir, a member of the Rotary Club of Kitale, Kenya joined the work party. Zenah is originally from Kenya and knows first-hand the importance of having access to clean, safe drinking water and is excited to be able to help others have access to water through the Rotary’s involvement.

We are so grateful to Rotary for their financial support and volunteer labor that makes it possible for us to provide water to communities in Africa and beyond.

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