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In many under-resourced communities, water is supplied via solar pumping systems, boreholes, and springs and distributed through water tap stands. However, these systems are prone to failures, and the valves used to dispense water are often the weakest link. When these valves leak, break, or are left open, fresh water is wasted and contaminated. According to the World Bank, these water leaks result in a loss of 45 million cubic meters of water every day, which is sufficient to meet the basic water requirements of up to 90 million individuals.



LifeTap is a durable and dependable self-closing valve made from high-quality, lead-free materials. It is specifically designed to withstand the wear and tear of a community tap stand, ensuring that water is not wasted due to leakage or breakage. LifeTap is easy to operate even for children, provides an increased flow rate compared with other alternatives, resists contamination, and is long-lasting and durable. LifeTap helps prevent devastating water loss in under-resourced communities, allowing people to access the water they need for their daily lives.

LifeTap Diagram
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