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Undetected pump downtime is a significant challenge faced by remote communities that rely on traditional hand pumps for accessing clean water. Historically, these traditional pumps fail every six months, with an average repair time of 27 days. With no monitoring system in place to provide alerts that the system is down, communities are forced to revert to open water sources, which leads to significant health risks.

LifePump already solves the major challenges posed by traditional hand pumps by reaching water at greater depths and lasting for decades with minimal maintenance. But as the use of LifePump becomes more widespread, capturing critical pump data is essential to ensure that communities have uninterrupted access to clean water.



DO’s revolutionary LifePumpLink is a satellite-based remote monitoring system that delivers real-time data pertaining to pump uptime, usage, and performance to field staff across the globe, significantly enhancing the efficiency and impact of water supply programs. By monitoring the performance of LifePumps, LifePumpLink can detect changes in usage and provide alerts, enabling technicians to respond proactively and minimize pump downtime.

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Sustainable access to safe water is fundamental for improving community health, increasing economic opportunity, and reducing global poverty. We are committed to leveraging innovative, appropriate technology to create lasting solutions that transform communities and empower individuals around the world.

LifePumpLink Overview
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