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A 3-Year Campaign to Deliver Life-Sustaining Solutions of Immeasurable Global Impact.

At Design Outreach, there are many things we measure—gallons of water pumped, LifePump uptime, and people served. But there are some things that cannot be measured. Like the eternal impact of sharing the Gospel, the generational transformation that occurs in a community when they receive clean water for the first time, and the immeasurable love of God that motivates our work. We believe in a God who can do immeasurably more than we can ask or imagine (Ephesians 3:20), and that is why we launched our Beyond Measure campaign. We are raising $15 million over the next 3 years to support continued innovation and community transformation.

In the world today…

2.2 billion people lack clean water
4.5 billion people lack essential health services
2.4 billion people lack sanitation

When we began installing LifePumps in 2013, we saw much we could not ignore — other problems affecting the health, safety, and wellbeing of billions of people living in poverty. We felt led to leverage the success of our work to create solutions for other areas of great need to save lives and empower communities to thrive.

Being engineers, we tend to measure everything. But the impact that our work has on the lives of others is immeasurable. So too is the love of God that motivates us. His love, grace, and goodness are beyond measure.

And that's why we do what we do.

With $15 million in new gifts by 2026,

Design Outreach will bring solutions to these global problems and hope to millions.


Deliver Innovative Solutions to End Extreme Poverty

Hand Pump Upgrade Kit

Our hand pump upgrade kit solves the problem of frequent breakdowns and lead contamination for the 2 billion people who rely on traditional hand pumps. It ensures that traditional pumps will operate sustainably, giving communities confidence in their water supply.


LifeLatrine is a durable, affordable alternative to the most basic toilets used in developing countries—pit latrines—which are too expensive for many families and prone to dangerous collapse. LifeLatrine eliminates the most expensive components used in pit latrine construction and is a low-cost step to eliminating diarrheal diseases that take the lives of children.


LifeTap solves the issues of water leakage, frequent breakdowns, and lead contamination at water kiosks. LifeTap is a durable, leak-free, self-closing, lead-free valve that ensures that women and children collecting water won’t be turned away or poisoned by lead.

Wound Therapy Device

Doctors around the world have asked us for a device to address a global wound epidemic that is taking the lives of people in developing countries with otherwise treatable wounds. Current options are too expensive, rely on electricity, and require specialized parts and training. Our wound therapy device is an affordable treatment that is simple to maintain.

Prepare Solutions for Scaled Impact

We will conduct large-scale programs to ensure access to clean water and sanitation across multiple countries and regions, impacting an estimated 1 million people. This will be achieved by:

Installing 1,000 LifePumps equipped with LifePumpLink remote monitors and implementing a structured maintenance program to ensure operational efficiency.
Deploying 1,000 LifeTaps.
Upgrading 500 hand pumps, specifically Afridevs/India Mark IIs, to improve functionality.
Deploying 100 LifeLatrines to complete field testing.

We will maintain and support existing LifePumps, LifePumpLinks, and LifeTaps in 13 countries to achieve near 100% uptime with local supply chains. This goal ensures ongoing functionality and accessibility of water resources in targeted regions, contributing to sustainable development goals.

For the wound therapy device, DO Medical will conduct clinical studies and training for Malawi doctors and nurses in preparation for scaling the solution to help over 2 million patients who need treatment.

Expand Reach Through Capacity & Partnerships

We will be establish a national office in Zimbabwe and expand operations in Zambia to advocate for reliable solutions to end extreme poverty. This will involve hiring pump technicians, establishing warehouse facilities, and initiating pilot programs to demonstrate the efficacy of these solutions. The goal is to drive policy-level change and improve access to essential services.

We will host Gospel outreach events and distribute Christian literature alongside the installations of LifePumps in Malawi and Zambia, with a goal of reaching an average of 350 individuals per LifePump community through collaborative efforts with local pastors and evangelistic organizations. This initiative aims to provide holistic support by addressing water scarcity and spiritual needs.

We will conduct a feasibility study to assess plans for building Innovation Labs in the U.S. and Malawi. This will involve selecting suitable locations, developing budgets, and outlining plans for completion by the end of 2027. These Innovation Labs will serve as leading humanitarian engineering think tanks, fostering collaboration between academia, industries, NGOs, and government officials to drive impactful innovation and address global challenges.

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