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Our Offices

Design Outreach currently has four offices located in three countries, including two field offices in the countries we serve, as well as sister organization DOUK in England. Our field offices employ local team members who are passionate about serving their home countries and allow us to provide holistic support and implement our technologies in ways that are sustainable and relevant to the local culture and customs.

United States

Ohio: Design Outreach originated in central Ohio. This office serves as our international headquarters. DO’s research and development (R&D) lab and many of our team members are based in our Ohio office.

Indiana: Our office in Wakarusa, Indiana, opened in fall 2023. This office connects us with our broad support base in Indiana.


Opened in 2020, the Malawi Field Office (MFO) serves as our regional office overseeing our work in Malawi, Zambia, and Zimbabwe while acting as Design Outreach’s main hub for field testing appropriate technologies, implementing existing solutions, and advocating for better technology standards. Our MFO team helped achieve LifePump national acceptance in 2019—before the field office was officially opened


Opened in 2022, the Zambia Field Office employs two full-time team members who advocate for and implement our technologies locally. As Design Outreach continues to grow, the Zambia office enables our team to provide installation, maintenance, and spiritual support to more communities than ever before. The team’s advocacy work led to national acceptance of LifePump in 2022. 

United Kingdom

Design Outreach UK (DOUK) is a sister organization to Design Outreach. DOUK is a Charitable Incorporated Organization registered in the United Kingdom. It was founded in 2023 and is a Christian-centered organization.

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