Introducing Our New Fundraising Coordinator

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We recently welcomed Amy Leffel to the Design Outreach team as a part-time Fundraising Coordinator. Amy comes with a vast array of experience and a deep passion for affecting the lives of the poor—both physically and spiritually. Our marketing partners at 212 Media Studios took a few minutes to get to know Amy, and thought you would love to meet her too. Here is a glimpse of their Q&A time: 

Q: What brought you to DO?
A: “I came to DO just a few short weeks ago! I heard from Jeff Jackson that DO was looking into hiring a fundraising coordinator, so I investigated DO online and was so excited about what’s going on here! I am very excited to be working with DO to meet the needs of the poor overseas, something I am very committed to.”

Q: What other experience do you have in this field.
A: “My interest and burden for helping the poor started when I was a teenager, having taken many trips overseas, I was devastated to see the kind of conditions people lived in. My exposure to global poverty came from trips to Haiti, Mexico, Cambodia, Indonesia etc. My burden for alleviating poverty led me to study International Development in college, where I was able to learn a great deal about how to solve core issues in the under-developed world.”

Q: Where are you from? Married? Have kids?
A: “I am from Columbus and just graduated from THE Ohio State University. I live near Ohio State’s campus with a few roommates who are in my Bible study. I love living with these girls, never a dull moment!”

Q: Why are you excited to work with DO?
A: “I am excited to be a part of DO because we are directly effecting the lives of the poor. We are making a real difference in Africa right now by supplying rural villages with clean water. The ripple effect of clean water will allow the people in these areas to have more free time to improve other aspects of life. What is also exciting about working with DO is knowing that not only are we meeting physical needs, but spiritual need are being met, through sharing the gospel!”

Q: What responsibilities will your job include? And how many hours per week?
A: “My position at DO is Fundraising Coordinator. Primarily I am keeping in touch with fundraising champions who have contributed to funding a Life Pump for a village. In addition to conversing with donors, I am also playing a role in starting new fundraising ideas and forming new relationships with groups in our community. My role is to maintain and begin new relationships with partners of DO, which is so fun for me because I love people! I work part time—about 20 hours a week.”

Q: What do you like to do for fun?
A: “In my free time, I am very committed to my Bible study and spending time with my friends there. I also am involved in leading a high school age Bible study which is so chaotic, and so fun! In general I love doing anything with people. I especially love being outdoors any chance I get; on any given Saturday night, you can probably find me sitting on my porch or by a campfire with friends.”

Want to get in touch with Amy? Contact her via email at

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