DO to Ship 54 LifePumps to 5 Countries this Month

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A look at the staging area for all the items to be included in the Malawi shipment.
Office back-up generator donated by First Baptist Church of Pentwater.

What do a drum set, generator, and pump parts have in common?

These items—among other critical supplies—are being packed into a shipping container bound for Malawi. The shipment will leave Columbus soon and arrive in Malawi this fall.

The shipment will include 17 LifePumps and spare parts, printer, sound system, keyboard, drum set, two generators, and other needed supplies. While these items may seem like an imaginative scavenger hunt list, they are all necessary for carrying out the work of bringing life-giving water—both literal and spiritual—to communities in Malawi. 

The new sound system, musical instruments, and portable generator will allow Africa Field Director Dr. Beatrice Chisenga to partner with local musicians and pastors to present the Gospel when they install a LifePump and conduct WASH training in a community. Imagine the education and worship that is going to happen as a result. We praise God for His provision for the Malawi shipment. 

In addition, 37 more LifePumps will be shipped in July to reach communities in Zambia, Guatemala, Kenya and Haiti.

One Comment on “DO to Ship 54 LifePumps to 5 Countries this Month”

  1. Tremendous work you guys are doing. I am interested in the Malawi work. Is it near Lilongwe? I went there last summer to work on some water wells.

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