Your Generosity Is Changing the Future for Many in Malawi

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We are incredibly close to finishing our Malawi Field Office two-year campaign, and we invite you to join us in in this monumental moment in Design Outreach’s mission and vision.

“The Malawi Field Office is not fancy. It’s not expensive, but it gives the Malawian people ownership. We’re not dropping off stuff and leaving. … We’re here to stay. And we’re here to make things better in the long run.”

-David Anderson, DO Volunteer

With the establishment of the Malawi Field Office (MFO), together we have taken great strides to fulfill our mission of alleviating global poverty through life-sustaining technology. This first international field office has already opened doors for us to reach some of the most vulnerable and under-resourced people on the planet in ways that would not have been possible before. We are so thankful for all those who have helped us lay a solid foundation for this new international operation.

Because of the generosity of DO’s incredible partners and friends, we are thrilled to share that we are very close to finishing the MFO two-year campaign! We praise God for the $543,553 we have already received, and we are trusting Him for the final $56,447 to complete the project.

The MFO, strategically located in Lilongwe, Malawi, serves as an advocacy hub and field innovation center; provides warehouse space for LifePumps and spare parts; and houses the Training of Trainers program and Rapid Response Teams.

The existence of the Malawi Field Office enables us to work toward our God-sized goal of reaching 10,000 communities living in extreme poverty by 2030.

With the funds we have raised so far, we have been able to secure our office space, hire new Malawi-based employees, install LifePumpLinks, conduct training sessions, prepare our Malawi guesthouse, set up warehouse space, purchase an off-road vehicle to reach remote communities, and reach more than 40,000 people with COVID-19 prevention resources and training. Through our partnerships with local pastors and churches—made possible by our presence in Malawi—we have also seen dozens of people dedicating their lives to Christ.

These critical steps in establishing the MFO have enabled us to reach more communities and individuals than ever before—with safe water through LifePump, resources that empower them to thrive even in a global pandemic, and the hope of the Gospel.

The remaining $56,447 will allow us to fulfill our three-year runway plan to cover operating expenses such as in-country staff salaries, vehicle fuel and maintenance, facility rent and utilities, and meeting expenses. We are praying for the remaining funds for this campaign by the end of October to finish building a solid foundation and launch into scaling LifePumps.

This is a pivotal step in the life and mission of Design Outreach. Through this global initiative, we can change the status quo for entire nations across Africa and beyond. Problems like water poverty are solvable, and we get to be God’s hands and feet in bringing solutions to those in need. What an amazing privilege!

For DO Volunteer David Anderson, the difference DO is making is profound. “(When the communities we visited received clean water through LifePump), they reacted like it’s going to change their lives completely,” he says. “And they were so joyous because they got clean water. … They turned those handles by faith believing water was going to come out, and when it did, they were just overjoyed as if God had rained down on them. I’ll always remember that.”

While we are transforming lives one community at a time, our Malawi Field Office gives us the opportunity to do something even bigger—change entire countries through safe water and the Gospel.

Would you consider joining us by making a gift to help us close out our Malawi Field Office campaign? Contributions of any kind will go a long way in helping us achieve the goal of sustainable water for millions of people.

Check out our blog to learn more about how we have used your investment so far.

Click here to help change lives through the Malawi Field Office.

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