Water is Life

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A world without water is a world void of life. Mars is a perfect example. Humans need water to survive—and not just for the physical health benefits it offers. Water is crucial for the growth of plants, for bathing, cooking, cleaning, making mud to build bricks, and so much more.

Last March, Amelia—a journalist for Pumps and Systems Magazine—joined us on a trip to Malawi and Zambia. Seeing the dry, hot African plains with limited water made her realize just how important clean water is.

Side note: Amelia was part of a bible study on the book of John. Ironically, jut before coming to Africa, it was her week to teach the lesson, which just so happened to be about John 4—the woman at the well.

In that story, the woman—an outcast, is getting water from the well. Jesus begins speaking to her and tells her all she ever did; how she had been married to 5 men, and was currently with a man who was not her husband. Why did he point it out? Because it proved she was soul-thirsty. She was looking to fill a void that nothing could satisfy. And as a response Jesus didn’t condemn her. He told her that he could give her living water so she never thirsted again. His water offered life. Eternal life. He was the wellspring she needed.

As Amelia went to Africa, she couldn’t help but compare the two scenarios; the one in the Bible, and the one in present-day third-world nation. Both included a dryness that wears down the soul. Without LifePumps, the African women would often be gone for 12 hours per day, getting water at the well, which would slowly drip brown water into a bucket. After fighting off hyenas and other wild animals, the women would walk miles back to their homes, where they would attempt to feed their children.

Marriages were falling apart because the women were never able to be with their families. Kids were not going to school because they had to pick up the slack at home.

But with the Lifepump, women were able to stay home. Their marriages were doing better. They were able to plant gardens and make bricks to build homes. Kids were going to school. The Lifepump truly brought life to the village.

And Amelia thought about how the Lord does that for us. He doesn’t just satisfy a small thirst within us. He gives us life abundantly. His “water” on our dry souls gives us an all-encompassing life change. And she was able to share that with the Africans she met.

How appropriate that it is called the Lifepump. What a great way to exemplify the values Design Outreach is founded on: The Lord offers life. And like he did for the woman at the well that hot day 2,000 years ago, the water he offers you and I today quenches for more than a moment, in more than one way. It lasts for eternity.

To hear the story from Amelia’s perspective, check out her article in the Pumps and Systems Magazine.





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  1. God bless the work you’re doing. The church that I belong to, began doing mission works in Kenya a few years ago. They have ben working with Houses of Hope and we’ve also began attempting to foster economic empowerment for villagers around Kisumu, Kenya. The project that I’ve primarily worked with is dairy goats. Two years ago a herd was started at an orphanage in Awasi. Water for daily life is a real problem and compounded by agriculture. Our church raised funding and was hoping to have drilled a water well for this orphanage. The plan was to use a solar driven submersible pump. Unfortunately the contractor seems to not be able to deliver. Next month we are traveling to another orphanage in Ragon Pedo with similar ambitions. Once again a supply of fresh water will be a hindrance to completing the mission.
    I’ve ben in the oil and gas industry for 36 years and seen lot of trade magazines filter their way from the mail to the recycle bin and frankly paid little attention to most. God directed my steps this morning to find Amelia’s article in Pumps and Systems magazine. There’s little doubt in my mind that a collaboration is in order

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