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At an event this month, I participated in a “water challenge”.  The task was simple: carry a 5 gallon jerry can, full of water, down the sidewalk and back.  With the help of a rolled up T-shirt to cushion my head, others to lift the can onto my head, and a missionary who lived in Africa for two decades giving me advice on proper balancing techniques, I set off.


Luke Wright, CEO and founder of MudLOVE (who also happens to be my brother), joined me. Even with all the tips and help, the only thing going through my mind as I walked down the sidewalk was: this crazy thing is heavy!  By the time I got back, the top of my head was numb and my back was hurting.  Carrying water is no joke!




As I received my free bottled water for succesfully completing the challenge, I wondered what it would be like to carry that jerry can almost 3 km everyday.  For the people who live in Kanyamula, Malawi, this is a day-to-day reality since the nearest borehole is almost 3 km from their village.  Everyday, the women and children make the trek to fill up their jerry cans.  Mothers help their children balance the cans on their heads and then lift up their own filled containers for the long walk back to village. Not only is this daily task hard work, but it is also time consuming.  Instead of hours carrying water, the women could be working and caring their families in other ways, and the children could be going to school.

I am so excited that we get to return to Kanyamula in less than two months to put in a new LIFEPUMP™ water handpump.  Previous attempts to install pumps in Kanyamula ended in failure simply because the pumps did not reach deep enough.  However, the LIFEPUMP™ solution can reach the deep water!  By providing a new pump, the women and children will now only have to walk down the street to get their daily water. This means hope and that makes us at Design Outreach incredibly humbled to be a part of such work.

This what we inspire to do at DO – create new and innovative solutions that have a real and meaningful impact in people’s lives.  We are privileged that the people of Kanyamula and World Vision have invited us to join them in overcoming this real “water challenge”.  Please pray with us and for us over the next month as our team prepares to travel to Malawi for installation of the LIFEPUMP™.


Abe Wright

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  1. I have always tried to imagine what that would be like to have to carry water as they do for all of your water needs. That is why my husband and I consider it a “privilege” to be able to help with this project. May the blessings of Adonai/God be with you. May you have financial favor. May all your needs be met as you give Him the glory.

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