Design Outreach, President of Malawi Meet to Discuss Water Poverty Crisis International meeting focuses on need for continuous safe water access in Malawian communities COLUMBUS, OHIO, July 12, 2022. Design Outreach (DO), a Christian humanitarian engineering nonprofit organization seeking to alleviate global poverty by creating life-sustaining technology, has conducted a high-level meeting with the President of Malawi, His Excellency Dr. Lazarus Chakwera, and Malawi’s Minister of Water and Sanitation, Abida Sidik Mia. The DO team, led by Co-founder and CEO Dr. Greg Bixler, discussed solutions to the problem of non-functioning hand pumps in Africa and how DO is working hard to scale LifePump—an innovative new hand pump which is proven to reach water at greater depths and last longer than traditional hand pumps—to help thirsty communities in rural Malawi

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The LifePump is designed not only to go deeper, but it’s been built to last. In fact, the LifePump is designed to last 30 years and run 5 years in between maintenance. We’ve seen this in LifePump communities all around the world. Out of the 33 components that the LifePump is made up of, three of those components are specialized and made by well-established factories here in the U.S. Learn more about our manufacturers and see how the LifePump is ready for mass production and distribution. We are ready, are you?


For too long, the Karanda Mission Hospital had to face the tough decision of saving clean water for its patients and turning away the needy in their surrounding communities or risking the lives of its patients and quenching the thirsts of their neighbors. Now thanks to your incredible support, that will no longer be a problem because water will be flowing for everyone after 14 LifePumps were installed!


The majority of the world's products are designed for the minority who live in developed countries. Instead, our products arise from collaboration with non-governmental organizations, missionaries, and other sources from developing countries. Each project is conducted with in-country partners who know and understand the community through long-term relationships.


Our flagship product, LifePump, is a solution to the problem of broken hand pumps in rural communities across the globe. LifePump is a new and innovative hand pump—developed, engineered, laboratory-tested, and manufactured in the United States. LifePump reaches deeper and lasts longer than its competitors, enabling people to have access to reliable water at greater depths than previously possible.

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We were fortunate to sit down with Conquering Columbus in November 2018 to talk about the mission & vision of Design Outreach. Click on the link to listen below!
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