For too long, the Karanda Mission Hospital had to face the tough decision of saving clean water for its patients and turning away the needy in their surrounding communities or risking the lives of its patients and quenching the thirsts of their neighbors. Now thanks to your incredible support, that will no longer be a problem because water will be flowing for everyone after 14 LifePumps were installed!
The LifePump is designed not only to go deeper, but it’s been built to last. In fact, the LifePump is designed to last 30 years and run 5 years in between maintenance. We’ve seen this in LifePump communities all around the world. Out of the 33 components that the LifePump is made up of, three of those components are specialized and made by well-established factories here in the U.S. Learn more about our manufacturers and see how the LifePump is ready for mass production and distribution. We are ready, are you?

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