LifePumps™ in Guatemala—A New Partnership, A New Country

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Last summer, Water for Life Guatemala co-founder Gary Bartholomew and several other team members traveled from Deer Park, Washington, to see a LifePump in action.  They spent the day at the DO prototype shop at Exact Machine Corporation in Sunbury, Ohio, where they participated in LifePump installation training.  Not long after that visit, they ordered 10 LifePumps for their work near Poptún, Guatemala.

Recently, DO Quality Engineer Ray Ehrig traveled to four villages near Poptún, Guatemala to represent DO and ensure a smooth installation process with Water for Life Guatemala, as they installed five new LifePumps.

“Guatemala is a beautiful country and a great opportunity to work with a partner like Water for Life” Ehrig said. “This partnership marks the first LifePump installation in Central America and Design Outreach’s tenth country. We are excited to serve the people of Central America. It has been very rewarding to work in Guatemala and with Water for Life, and I look forward to working again with them.


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