Get Involved

Want to be a part of the solution? 

Here’s how you can help.

Sponsor a village

We are looking for fundraising champions who can engage their friends, family, colleagues and communities to both fund our future and sponsor villages in Africa and Haiti.


Do you want to contribute to the life-giving work of Design Outreach? Consider making a donation or becoming a recurring giver. Every dollar counts in the fight for clean water.

Fund Our Future

As part of our 150 for Change campaign, we are looking for 150 champions to raise at least $1,000 to help fund our future. By sacrificing just a few hours spread over several weeks, we can do this together and fight for those who need safe water around the world. Will you be part of our 150 for Change? If you’re interested in becoming one of our 150 champions or if you have questions, please contact Amelia Messamore at She’d love to hear from you!


Use this sheet to get 10 of your friends to give you $10. Just like that, you’ll have $100 to give clean water to those who need it most. It’s that easy! You can get your youth group, office, or church involved. The more people who do this, the greater the impact.

Give Water Gala

Attend our annual Give Water Gala in Columbus, Ohio, to celebrate all we have accomplished together in our battle against global poverty.


We acknowledge that we can do nothing apart from Jesus Christ. Prayer is a critical part of what we do. Please consider joining us as we pray for our partners, the people we serve, and guidance in all we do. Subscribe to our newsletter for prayer updates.