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The CMC (Columbus Metropolitan Club) is a 501c3 that strives to connect people with ideas.

They provide lunch-time forums of panelists and moderators discussing a wide variety of current affair topics.  Past participants have included Arnold Schwarzenegger and the Governor of Ohio.

We consider it a great honor to have been invited to take part in the forum last week.  Our Greg Bixler, CEO, joined Steve Fireman of ECDI and Tony Wells of The Tony Wells Foundation.  Both men share our passion for social entrepreneurship, for pursuing sustainable solutions to social problems.  We discussed our struggles and victories over how to make our ideas implementable, sustainable and even replicable.

If you missed the luncheon, you can see the conversation here.

Attendees included local business men and women interested in social change.  Several Design Outreach team members and friends along with two World Vision representatives also joined us.


These are some of the moments, some of the connections, that make us so proud of what we do.  We believe we can change the world.  And we are not alone.  We get to inspire those younger than us in this journey and glean from those farther along.

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.

Margaret Mead

Let’s stay thoughtful.  Let’s stay committed.  Let’s stay the course.  Together.

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