Design Outreach’s Central Africa Trip

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Three years ago, we had a dream. What if we could design long-lasting, sustainable products to provide practical relief for the impoverished, co-citizens of our world? Design Outreach was formed and we turned first to water, strategizing ways to make clean water accessible. Strategy became PCP piping and hand cranks, refinements and US testing and finally, in February 2013, we touched African soil once again.

LifePump - CAR

LifePump Project - CAR

Water Pump Project in CAR

Two weeks later, our team left the CAR with grateful hearts, humbled by the opportunity to partner with Central Africans. We boarded planes determined to make the last, necessary tweaks to our LIFEPUMP™ design and return – with a final solution to clean, safe drinking water.

Central Africa Team - LifePump ProjectDays after our team’s departure, however, the Seleka rebel coalition overthrew the capital city of Bangui. Our friends at ICDI (Integrated Community Development International) were looted and suffered great losses.

Unrest in the country, though it has frustrated our immediate plans to return, has not deterred us. Our hope and plan is to return to Central Africa. We want to see our dream realized for our friends in the CAR. Until the unrest settles, we continue moving forward and are excited to announce the launch of a twenty-pump pilot program with World Vision in Malawi in late summer/early fall. We look forward to sharing details with you soon.

Whether you are just joining us or have been along this journey for some time, we thank you for your partnership with us. Onward!

Join us in helping our friends at ICDI with JUMPSTART Emergency Fund. Click below to learn more how you can help.

ICDI - Jumpstart Emergency Fund


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