Complex Problems Require Innovative Solutions

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Delivering humanitarian engineering to remote parts of the world is fraught with challenges. Locating and moving supplies across borders adds complexity to our mission and requires innovative solutions. Unlike America, Malawians can’t just order materials from Amazon, or any other retailer, and have them delivered to their front door in a couple of days. Design Outreach is responding to this challenge with developing a sustainable supply chain across Africa for the manufacturing of LifePumps and related products.

Establishing a supply chain requires placing permanent staff in Malawi to work with local and national authorities. It is most efficient for our Malawi field staff to work with mission partners on installing equipment and training individuals to monitor the technology once LifePumps, LifePumpLinks, and other Design Outreach raw materials arrive and can be manufactured within the country,

To provide a base for the Design Outreach Malawi team and space for manufacturing, we are asking for special donations to seed the Malawi Field Office. It is our prayer that maintaining a field office will expedite the number of LifePump installations exponentially, providing safe drinking water for thousands of men, women and children. If you are interested in learning more about the Malawi Field Office or would like to support this campaign, please contact Rhonda Davis-Comoretto at 614.946.7686 or

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