Water Truly Does Equal Life!

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To fully operationalize the Malawi Field Office, we are working to raise the remaining $313,000 by the end of the year. Through the generous support of an anonymous donor, we can match every gift one-for-one up to $22,000! Join us in transforming lives by providing water and sharing the Gospel in rural Africa.

Passionate Christ-Follower & Engineer Michelle Lockwood Joins Design Outreach Board of Directors

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“Christ sits at the center of our lives, and my main goal in life is to glorify Him. That may mean doing it through providing clean water, educating engineering students, or by providing guidance and encouragement to a nonprofit. Each of these actions can have meaning, purpose, and serve the greater goal of helping others in Jesus’ name, glorifying Him.” … Read More

Faster Flowing Water is a Game Changer

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Meet Monica, living in western Kenya, she like so many, struggled to get adequate water for daily needs. When she found a LifePump and the opportunity to have a consistent, trust-worthy source of water, she literally moved her family and built a new home near a LifePump. She expressed that everything starts with water: homes, health, food, healthy animals and time for education. She is building a new life thanks to the LifePump.