Design Outreach, President of Malawi Meet to Discuss Water Poverty Crisis

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DO’s scheduled 30-minute meeting with Pres. Chakwera stretched to nearly an hour after the DO team presented visual documentation of the progress made in Zolomondo, Malawi, over an eight-year period where LifePump has never broken down. DO highlighted community development that has taken place in the Zolomondo community since the LifePump installation in 2013.

Design Outreach R&D Team Field Tests Technologies & Prepares for Future Innovations in Malawi

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The best and most successful research and development (R&D) projects are grounded in solving real-world problems and field testing for functionality and user feedback. Prior to the opening of the Malawi Field Office (MFO), Design Outreach (DO) received feedback mostly from our implementing partners. Now, DO receives regular input and feedback on technologies from the MFO team, U.S. teams who travel to the communities we serve, and the beneficiaries who use our technologies every day.

DO Diaries: Stories from the Field; Guatemala Trip, February 2022

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Written by Abe Wright, DO co-founder and chief technology officer Editor’s note: The DO team recently visited four communities in Guatemala with field partner Water for Life. Here is a digest of DO Diaries: Stories from the Field compiled by DO Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer Abe Wright. He was joined on the trip by Ray Ehrig, manufacturing engineer, and … Read More

8 Years of Continuous, Safe Water and a New Generation of Hope

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Zolomondo, Malawi: Life is hard if you are a child growing up in rural Malawi. According to the CDC, “an estimated 446,000 children younger than 5 years old die each year from diarrhea, mostly in developing countries1.” Infant mortality is so high, that it is common for parents to wait to name their children until they are a year old. … Read More

Out to Malawi

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With a deep gratitude to DO’s financial partners, the Malawi Field Office is fully funded! Part of our mission of being in Malawi is to work closely with our Malawi Team.

Design Outreach Expert Volunteers Help Propel DO’s Work

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Volunteers are the lifeblood of Design Outreach (DO). With their help, we accomplished so much together in 2021! In 2021, DO received over 6,000 hours of volunteer support from experts who worked on Research & Development projects. With their help, we made significant progress towards fulfilling our mission of alleviating global poverty.