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Let the Journey Begin

Thanks to their compassion, generosity, and advocacy for those in need of safe water, the LifePumps our donors funded are now on an exciting journey across the Atlantic Ocean from our R&D laboratory in Sunbury, Ohio, to the sponsored communities in Malawi.

When you fund a LifePump, you are supporting the highest levels of precision and quality in design and manufacturing to ensure your LifePump provides safe water 24/7 for decades to come. Once the manufacturing process is complete, the voyage to Malawi begins:

• The pumps leave our facility in Sunbury in containers and make their way on a truck to a port in New York, where they are loaded onto a shipping vessel.
• From there, the pumps sail to a port in Tanzania on the east coast of Africa.
• The containers are then loaded onto a truck and driven to the Malawian border, where they must clear customs.
• When the containers are cleared, the truck delivers them to our Malawi Field Office (MFO) in the nation’s capital city of Lilongwe.
• At the final stage of the shipping process, we employ local community members to help unload the contents.
• The pumps are stored securely until our MFO team and implementing partners can complete installations in the communities.

Shipping LifePumps means we are one step closer to transforming the lives of hundreds of people within the sponsored communities. Please celebrate with us as these LifePumps are on the way to the communities our donors have so graciously prayed for and supported. Thank you for making this possible!

Here are some ways you can pray as these pumps head to Malawi:

• Pray for the communities that they would have patient endurance and protection as they await their pumps and that their hearts would be ready to hear the Gospel.
• Pray for the security of the containers and that there would be no delays in the process.
• Pray that the containers would easily clear customs without issue.
• Pray for good weather and road conditions once the pumps arrive in country.

Thank you again for your passion for alleviating global poverty and for your partnership in the Gospel. We are thrilled that your LifePump is officially on its way to Malawi, where it will make a lasting difference in the lives of many.

Stay tuned for more updates soon!

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