Greetings From Malawi

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We just arrived back to Lilongwe today after being in the field for a couple of days with very limited email access. It was a long journey, as we visited four different villages—three of which have LifePumps, and one that is set to get one. In fact, World Vision is anticipating the installation of 8 more LifePumps very soon.

The first village we visited was Zolomondo — the very first LifePump photo 9permanent installation site. When we arrived kids were pumping water and soon many people came to greet us. We were able to talk with Vickness again, and she was telling us that even since our last visit she has been able to build a second brick home, which she now rents to her sister — all possible because of the LifePump. She was telling us that new schools are being built and kids are staying in school longer because of the LifePump. She also says that now the wives can stay home during the day, and as a result marriages are doing much better — because of the LifePump. It’s really amazing how the LifePump can do so much more than just provide good health with clean water. We checked pump performance, and it’s exactly the same as when installed, so we are very happy. I performed the village maintenance training.

The next village we visited was Chilekwa, where the second Malawi LifePump was installed in November 2013. The pump is also performing the same as when it was installed. Dixon, one of the WV pump techs, provided thephoto 6 village maintenance training.

The third village we visited was near Mynakose (our 3rd installation site). The villagers showed us where they get water—its surface was about 100 meters from the village. The water serves a few villages, or about 1100 people. However, it’s contaminated since animals drink there and it’s exposed the elements. During the dry season they said it goes completely away.

The fourth village we visited was Mynakose, and once again everything is looking good. This pump is outfitted with a data logger, so we replaced the SD card to download the usage data. We noticed a small amount of oil at the weep hole but are not concerned. The government official provided the village maintenance training.

At about 3:00 P.M., we started our long journey back to Lilongwe for the exit meetings. We arrived about 5:30pm to the National Office, bphoto 11ut it was late and most staff had gone home. However, we were invited to the National Director’s home (Bob) to debrief. When we arrived we were greeted by his family and invited to stay for dinner. A couple other WV staff working with us were also invited, and it was a real honor and pleasure. They presented us with a HPP suncatcher gift. We are so happy to have gotten the chance to serve in Malawi.

This morning we arrived in Washington D.C, concluding this trip that has been very exciting and short. I thank God for the opportunity to serve with fellow believers and represent our DO team making this all possible.

God bless,


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  1. That is a wonderful work DO is doing. This is more than necessary during this time of the global COVID19 pandemic in which water is so essential for hand washing for fighting against the pandemic.
    I have designed a hand washing facility that assist users avoid touching the taps and hand washing detergents that are perceived to facilitate the transmission of the virus.I am available to share the technology that we can implement together especially when schools resume.
    God Bess

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