Water Truly Does Equal Life!

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When a community has a sustainable source of safe water through LifePump, it truly changes life in that community. Families can enjoy vegetables grown in their own home gardens, care for animals that can become a source of income, and build stronger, safer homes out of brick. Mothers can feel confident that their children are protected from water-borne disease, and children—particularly girls—can go to school and achieve their dreams.

As one community member in Zambia recently said, “It’s a miracle”—one that you helped make possible.

As we prepare to go into 2021, we are anticipating even greater impact—more LifePumps, more communities and countries served, and a more robust presence and supply chain through the Malawi Field Office. This office acts as a regional hub for Malawi and surrounding countries, such as Zambia and Zimbabwe, where LifePumps are being installed.

To fully operationalize the Malawi Field Office, we are working to raise the remaining $313,000 by the end of the year. Through the generous support of an anonymous donor, we can match every gift one-for-one up to $22,000! Join us in transforming lives by providing water and sharing the Gospel in rural Africa.

If you are blessed to be able to make a gift, please give today and double your impact.

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