That’s a Wrap: Interns Reflect on Lessons Learned

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Somehow summer is already drawing to a close. School buses are driving by, parents are posting first day of school pictures, and Design Outreach’s summer interns have completed their work and returned to their respective universities.

Qinan Zhou and Nick Carlson spent their summer internship aiding our engineers with hands-on projects related to autoLifePump like constructing a solar array for power and helping to redesign the manual option. “This project gave us the opportunity to walk through the design process from beginning to end; from brainstorming to prototyping,” shared Zhou. “When looking at any product, what you don’t see are the weeks, even months of hard work put into it.”

Both interns had the opportunity to see what the real-world engineering of appropriate technologies is like. “The greatest lesson I have learned from my coworkers at Design Outreach is that people do not need to be saved out of poverty, rather they need the means to get themselves out of poverty…the situation is unique to each person and therefore requires a thoughtful solution,” shared Carlson.

In reflecting on the internship, Zhou said, “Through DO, we were given the opportunity to experience working as an engineer, but more importantly, the opportunity to serve God with the amazing abilities He has given us.” Carlson added, “I have learned more about being an engineer in 3 months at DO than in my first two years in college, and that is exciting…My desire to take an active role in the gospel by being the hands and feet of Christ, serving others in His name, has been strengthened this summer.”

We are grateful for the interns’ investment of time and infusion of energy into the office setting. We look forward to seeing how they develop and grow as engineers and followers of Christ.

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