One Water Conference 2021 and Design Outreach:
A Global Impact Opportunity

The Partnership


The Ohio Water Environmental Association (OWEA) and Ohio Section of the American Water Works Association (OAWWA) selected Design Outreach to be their charitable partner for the One Water Conference 2021. Donations to Design Outreach by OWEA and OAWWA members and companies will go toward installing a LifePump™ in Malawi - where rural communities often do not have a reliable source of clean water.

The One Water Conference 2021 Goal is $15,000, which will fund the installation of a LifePump and LifePumpLink in Malawi.

Please give generously to help a community across the globe enjoy the benefits of having a source of reliable water in their community.

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Zikomo! (Thank you in the native language of Malawi)

The Problem

  • Approximately 840 million people don't have nearby access to safe and reliable water, and even then, some may be open-sources of water such as ponds, rivers, or puddles.
  • Approximately 2300 people die daily from water-borne diseases (often children).
  • The current systems used to provide water in rural African communities are dangerous and unreliable, driving people back to unsafe water sources.
  • Women and children can spend 4-8 hours a day seeking and carrying water, limiting their ability to get an education or earn incomes.
  • Without reliable sources of water, communities cannot thrive, and the cycle of poverty remains unbroken.

The Solution:
The LifePump and LifePumpLink

The LifePump handpump is a robust, heavy duty, long lasting, low maintenance, deep reaching handpump. The LifePump has the capacity to efficiently pump water as deep as 150 meters and has an estimated life expectancy of more than 30 years, requiring maintenance every 5 to 7 years. In addition, it can be monitored with a satellite-based remote sensor.

Key features

  • Reach: A LifePump can reach depths of 150 meters where most hand pumps effective depth is limited to 50 meters or less.
  • Reliable: Zero-days without water: the first permanent LifePump installed in Zolomondo Malawi in 2013 has not experienced any down days. Most pumps break after 3-6 months in operation or cannot reach water in the dry season.
  • Reportable: DO and partners can tell in real-time a LifePump's performance with the LifePumpLink, a remote monitoring system installed on the pump. The information includes hours of use, volume pumped, and data to anticipate maintenance needs. This technology is unique to LifePump handpumps.

The Opportunity

Break the cycle of poverty by providing a reliable source of water, where:

  • Children can go to school.
  • Women have time for making an income.
  • Crops and food are grown.
  • Animals are raised for food and income.
  • Bricks are made for more stable structures.
  • Water-borne illnesses are reduced.
  • Childhood mortality rates are reduced.
LifePump: How It Works
Watch this video showcasing how effective the LifePumps™ is in delivering clean water to those in need.
Access to data can open up a world of possibilities. LifePumpLink is a satellite-based remote monitoring system that allows us to measure and analyze the performance of the LifePump, no matter the location. The ability to access data will enable us to make continuous improvements to LifePump and develop more efficient maintenance programs for our partners.

The LifePump

  • The LifePump continuously draws water to the surface as the user rotates the handles allowing virtually anyone, regardless of strength or size, to access water.
  • The LifePump has been designed to last longer and reach deeper than commonly available pumps
  • The LifePump can be outfitted with monitoring devices to provide timely and valuable feedback.
  • LifePump is designed to wear slowly over time–after years of operation–in order to prevent catastrophic failure that would leave users suddenly without water.
  • The design minimizes wear on parts and ensures that the pump lasts for years before needing maintenance.

About DO

About DO

DO strives to create solutions that lead to lasting change. To ensure the best possible results, we design and produce our products with high-quality standards. Focusing on human-centered design, we spend time on the front end of the development process to fully understand community needs and refine our solutions to meet those needs.


The Opportunity


Get Involved

Do you want to contribute to the life-giving work of Design Outreach? We are looking for champions who can engage their friends, family, and colleagues. There are many ways to serve those in poverty, and we’d love to make an impact together.