Water flows for Karanda Mission Hospital Patients and Neighboring Communities

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The central courtyard at Karanda by Zimvid88

Karanda Mission Hospital partnership with DO – made possible through your support!

For too long, the Karanda Mission Hospital had to face the tough decision of saving clean water for its patients and turning away the needy in their surrounding communities or risking the lives of its patients and quenching the thirsts of their neighbors.

Now thanks to your incredible support, that will no longer be a problem because water will be flowing for everyone after 14 LifePumps were installed!

“We just want to thank the Lord publicly for His provision,” said Jon Christiansen, a missionary at the Karanda Mission Hospital in Zimbabwe, as he wrote to us recently updating us on the progress of the LifePumps installed in their district.

A mother and child at Karanda by Zimvid88

The Karanda Mission Hospital is a Christian run, 150-bed hospital that serves in the rural, northeast part of the country. They frequently had people from the surrounding communities coming to the hospital asking for water, but the hospital didn’t have enough supply for its patients and the public. Having a broad outreach mission, Karanda Mission Hospital wanted to do something about it. So they partnered with DO and the support of TEAM (A Global Alliance of Churches and Missionaries) to install 14 LifePumps. Now those communities celebrate with joy because they have a new reliable source of safe water.

“I can clearly say that the community water situation in the villages surrounding Karanda Mission Hospital is better,” continued Christiansen.  “People are happy.  I hear one village is planning a big party, which will include a number of us from Karanda, as guests.”

You can feel the enthusiasm in Jon’s quote because of the difference that the LifePumps have made in the communities they serve. Thank you for being part of that work and your support of Design Outreach.

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