HandWASHingfor ALL

Providing access to clean water, soap and face masks
for those most in need in Africa
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Help provide critically needed supplies to fight COVID-19 in Africa.
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We’ve been told to help stop the spread of diseases like COVID-19 that handwashing is a key to fighting the disease. We’re instructed to wash our hands often and thoroughly – but what if you didn’t have access to water or soap – then what? What if no one has taught you how to properly wash your hands?

For millions of people living in developing countries such as Malawi, that is exactly their situation and puts them at a greater risk of illness and death from COVID-19 because of lack of water, soap and personal protective equipment such as face masks.

With your help and support, Design Outreach will be helping villages in Malawi to receive these critical and life-saving supplies.

Please give today to this important mission.
Soap, water and masks could save a life and a community…
HandWASHingfor ALL is an initiative to provide as many existing LifePump™ communities as possible access to hygiene training, soap for personal hygiene, protective face masks for the most vulnerable and just as importantly a LifePumpLink which will ensure that the LifePumps will continue providing lifesaving water.

Additionally, Design Outreach intends to reach beyond the existing LifePump communities to install new pumps to bring fresh, clean water as well as personal hygiene and protective items.

Together, if we move quickly and act boldly, we can help reduce the impact of this deadly disease in Africa.

Here’s how you can help:

• For just $50 per person provides hygiene training and access to a LifePump with a LifePumpLink (remote sensing), hand soap, and face masks.
• $250 gives a family of five the ability to stay healthy and strong.
• $500 gives 10 people a first- line of defense against harmful disease.
• $5,000 gives 100 people hope and a future.
• If you are blessed to be able to give $12,500, your partnership could, in turn, help transform a whole community!
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