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Golden Cup 2022

A virtual walk, run, ride movement to raise funds for safe and reliable water for Malawi

June 8 - 27, 2022

Let's move for Malawi! The third annual Golden Cup is underway. It is a virtual walk, run, ride, June 8-27, 2022, with a goal of $153,000 to provide safe water to 9 communities in Malawi.

To participate, you can: 1.) Become a team captain and create your own team, or 2.) Join a team and choose your own personal fundraising goal, or 3.) Simply make a donation. Donations of $50 or more receive a Golden Cup sticker and t-shirt.

Together we can challenge our hearts, our minds, and our bodies as we provide 9 LifePump™ packages to be installed in Malawi in 2023. Click here to give today.

About the Golden Cup

A Message From Michael Cook, Founder of the Golden Cup

The Golden Cup is a virtual fundraising effort that focuses on physical activities such as running, walking, bike riding (or even raking!) to raise funds for safe water in rural communities in Malawi. Without funds raised through the Golden Cup, these communities would not otherwise have access to safe and reliable water. Without water, people cannot thrive, and the cycle of poverty continues.

Create or Join a Team

Make a Donation

The Golden Cup was inspired by Michael Cook, long-time DO volunteer, who in 2020 decided to raise funds for a LifePump and ride a portion of the TransAmerica Bicycle Trail to celebrate his fiftieth birthday. Last year, he continued the ride and rode his e-bike from West Yellowstone, Montana, to Eureka, Kansas. This year, Michael will finish the ride, picking up in Kansas and riding to Yorktown, Virginia. His inspiring story and dedication gave birth to the Golden Cup and helped DO raise over $174,000 to provide safe water for communities in Malawi. We invite you to join Michael and other Golden Cup Teams to make a difference!

Funds can be raised anytime during the year, but the focused time for the Golden Cup is June 8-27, 2022, when Michael will be completing his ride.

How to Participate

Become a Team Captain

Recruit a team of friends, co-workers, or church small group members to participate in your chosen activity. The Team Captain rallies and encourages their team members to work together toward a shared goal they set to raise funds for the Golden Cup.

Create a Team

Join a Team

Join an existing team and participate in the activity of your choice to individually raise funds that will go toward your team’s fundraising goal.

Join a Team

Be an Individual Contributor

You can fundraise on your own and contribute to the Golden Cup as an individual contributor. Set up your account and share it with family, friends, and colleagues through your social media channels and any other way you wish to raise funds. If you'd prefer not to fundraise, you can also simply make a one-time gift by clicking the button below.

Make a Donation

Golden Cup Format:

  • Free choice, activity based. Raise funds through an activity of your choice (running, walking, riding, paddling, volleyball, softball, yard work, etc.).
  • Flexible format. In-person, groups, individual, or virtual—you decide!
  • Fully supported. We provide you with all the materials you will need to be successful in our Resources sections at the bottom of this page.

Every dollar raised from the Golden Cup will go toward the $153,000 goal of providing 9 communities in rural Malawi with a source of safe and reliable water. Each community will receive a LifePump equipped with LifePumpLink, our satellite-based remote monitoring system, as well as training and empowerment for local community members to maintain the LifePump.

Join us as we move together to bring life-giving water to the people of Malawi.
Move for Malawi

LifePump Changes Lives

Women and children are primarily responsible for gathering water. It can be arduous, dangerous, and time-consuming. Water collected at unprotected sources often causes waterborne illness that can lead to death from diarrheal diseases that disproportionately affect babies, children, and the elderly.
When LifePump is installed in a community, everything changes. With a trusted source of safe water, communities can plant gardens, raise animals, build brick structures, and send children to school. Cecilia from Chikwangwala, Malawi, is just one of millions of children who have endured heartbreak and hardship from lack of access to safe water. Thankfully for Cecilia, her community received the life-changing gift of a LifePump. Today, she is enjoying the benefits of having water in her community, which allows her to go to school and enjoy childhood with friends and family.
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