The Golden Cup: Teams

100% funded
We have raised $108,657.90 of our $105,000 goal!

Thank you for your interest in being a team captain or joining a team! Not only will you have fun, build camaraderie, and get some exercise, but more importantly, you will be helping to raise funds to bring a source of safe and reliable water to some of the world’s most vulnerable people.

Each team and team member sets their own fundraising goals, and you can raise the funds in any way you like – walk/run/ride or even something else (kayaking anyone?). You decide!

Registration is just $50 per person, and goes toward your team’s fundraising goal; plus, you will receive a Golden Cup T-shirt and LifePump sticker.

Use the link below to get started.

If you have questions or technical issues, please contact Rhonda Davis-Comoretto at 614.946.7686 or


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