From the Field: DO Expands the Reach of COVID-19 Supplies & Training

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For the past year, the DO Malawi team has been distributing COVID-19 supplies and providing training on protocols to prevent the spread of the disease. The funds for this important work came from donors like you who supported our HandWASHing for All campaign, as well as support from Christian Aid Ministries.

The first communities DO reached were those with existing LifePumps. From there, the team began addressing other rural communities that would not have access to these critical supplies. Recently, the government of Malawi requested that DO assist with distribution in marketplaces, called trading centers, and healthcare facilities.

Africa Field Director Dr. Beatrice Chisenga found that the healthcare facilities often only have enough supplies for staff and may not have adequate masks and soap for patients. When Design Outreach brings supplies, the response is one of overwhelming gratitude. Many of the visitors to healthcare facilities are expectant mothers, who may be there for some time, as they go weeks in advance of giving birth to be there when they start labor. “The administrators are appreciative of what Design Outreach is doing to provide masks and soap for patients and their guardians (family members),” Beatrice said. “It brings great joy to the midwives because of Design Outreach bringing resources to care for the mothers in their facilities.”

Having an Africa-based team and the Malawi Field Office makes it possible for Design Outreach to be making such a meaningful difference in rural communities, trading centers and healthcare facilities—all on a regular basis. Not only is the team able to provide COVID-19 supplies, but more important, they are showing the love of Jesus in a tangible way to people in need.

As we continue our campaign to fully fund the Malawi Field Office to maximize our impact in Malawi and beyond, please consider making a one-time gift or becoming a monthly donor to support DO’s in-country efforts. Having a fully operational office and team with boots on the ground will enable us to change more lives than ever before. To donate, please click here.

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