Design Outreach Expert Volunteers Help Propel DO’s Work

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Volunteers are the lifeblood of Design Outreach (DO). With their help, we accomplished so much together in 2021! In 2021, DO received over 6,000 hours of volunteer support from experts who worked on Research & Development projects. With their help, we made significant progress towards fulfilling our mission of alleviating global poverty.

Thank you to everyone—all our team and volunteers for these important accomplishments:

  • – The Gearbox Tiger Team developed and released the new LifePump Gen4 gearbox, which greatly improves the durability, reliability, and ease and of field service for LifePump.
  • – The LifePumpLink Team launched DO’s new data dashboard and our mobile app, which provides data and electronic reporting at our field team’s fingertips.
  • – The autoLifePump Team developed a new, simpler control system and is making great progress towards field testing in 2022.
  • – The LifeLatrine Team developed 20+ concepts, field evaluated three prototypes, and selected two concepts for field testing in 2022.
  • – We assembled a new Global Health Team, which has completed initial Inspirational Phase research and identified top project areas.

Our team started in 2010 as a group of volunteers who desired to use our professional skills to help solve global problems. In a world where over 40% of water infrastructure and medical equipment is nonfunctional in developing countries, we envisioned a future where low-income communities have technology that works and builds bridges for the Gospel. We are filled with joy to see that dream fulfilled as God brings so many talented individuals from here in the United States and others around the world together to see this work move forward.

DO’s statement of faith states, “God distributes gifts, abilities, opportunities, experiences, and resources to his followers in order for them, in a variety of ways, to serve God’s redemptive plan in the world.” We are honored that volunteers have stepped up and partnered with us, and we thank God for our team and work and the opportunity to serve Him together.

As a supporter of DO, you are an important part of our life-changing work as well. Your donations, support, time, and interest all work together with that of the DO team and volunteers to fuel the mission.

Thank you for your support and to the volunteers for the thousands of hours they provided to us in 2021. We are richly blessed because of you.

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