DO Launches Community LifePump+ Campaign

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Let’s Make a Difference Together

If you’ve been waiting for the perfect time to partner with Design Outreach, this is it! We are thrilled to announce the launch of DO’s Community LifePump+ campaign. Through this campaign, we invite anyone and everyone to participate in raising funds to provide safe, reliable water to a community in need.

We are often approached by passionate people who want to raise money for Design Outreach, but they aren’t sure how. Through our Community LifePump+ campaign, anyone who wishes to make a difference can join forces to make a lasting impact through LifePump.

The goal of the community campaign is to raise $15,000 to provide a LifePump+ package to a community in dire need of water. The LifePump+ package includes a LifePump, a LifePumpLink, COVID-19 supplies, and hygiene training.

We are especially excited to announce that we have received a $5,000 matching gift by a generous, anonymous donor. For each dollar that is donated to the Community LifePump+ Campaign, up to $5,000 will be matched one for one.

This is an opportunity for businesses, churches, individuals, or even groups of friends from anywhere in the world to work together to make a lasting impact through safe water. Whether you want to host a garage sale, plan a spaghetti dinner or simply give a gift toward the goal, any funds you give to the campaign will be joined with the efforts of others around the world with the same heart and passion for providing safe water to those in need.

“It takes all of us,” says Dr. Greg Bixler, CEO of Design Outreach. “These are not simple problems, but together we can come one step closer to fixing the global water poverty issue.”

We are beyond thankful for two local businesses who have already taken the lead to raise funds toward our $15,000 goal. Coffee Connections took one month’s worth of tips and donated it to the Community LifePump+ Campaign.

“I am grateful for the heart of DO and the willingness to step out in obedience to bless others,” said Jeff Heimberger, Owner and Operator of Coffee Connections. “I am just glad we can be a part of it.”

Urban Air Reynoldsburg also took a percentage of admissions to kickstart the LifePump+ Community Campaign.

You too can play a vital role in transforming an entire community through safe water by giving to the Community LifePump+ Campaign. Please visit Community LifePump Plus Campaign to donate.

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