DO Blog: Stories from the Golden Cup Day 5

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Dear J&J and DO Central Command (boots on the ground) Team, 😊

Tonight we reached Rand, CO, on schedule! Today was a shorter ride than usual (90.16 miles according to Strava) due to riding an extra 20 miles yesterday.

Our cozy little RV is now parked beside the Rand, CO, fire station on a dirt road just off the main road. Tonight we are “off the grid”, using the generator to charge the e-bike batteries.

The weather was quite rainy today, and heavy at times. However, to look at the bright side, the wind was usually at my back which was very helpful.

This morning we got a text from our new friends, Tim and Rebekah, inviting us to breakfast at the Episcopal Church “Bicycle House” in Saratoga. This church has turned their old parsonage as a place for cyclists to stay overnight and cook meals as they ride the TransAmerica Bicycle Trail. They even have an adjoining room with a bicycle mechanic to work on peoples bikes!

After a delicious breakfast of pancakes (with peanut butter and syrup), Rebecca and I enjoyed the Saratoga Hot Springs where I was able to soak my weary muscles in 108° water.

I also wanted to share an inspiration I enjoyed as I pedaled my bike into Cowdrey, CO, after bidding farewell to Wyoming several miles before. After experiencing lots of rain and clouds, I stopped my bike and looked over to the right and saw an amazing display of sunbeams coming through the gaps in the clouds. This was a reminder to me that even on the darkest days, the sun is still shining!

Tomorrow, (Saturday, June 26) I plan to ride 96.5 miles to Silverthorne, CO, and spend Saturday night and Sunday in Denver with family (my brother Laban and Deanna).

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend, and thanks for your support for the people of Malawi!



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