DO Blog: Stories from the Golden Cup Day 4

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Hello DePuy and DO Mission Control Team,

Day 4 was another very good day, but had a lot of interesting twists and turns. 😊

I started riding after Rebecca and I ate brunch at a cafe in Jeffrey City and fueling up with a huge pancake, eggs, and sausage. We were planning on a short day of less than 90 miles, so the late start seemed reasonable at the time.

The ride started out with very comfortable weather and nice tailwind. Then mid-afternoon some storms popped up and it rained a bit. During a dry spell, I experienced my first flat of the trip, and was thankful it wasn’t raining during the tube-replacement procedure. 😅

Then, about 5 miles from Rawlins, WY, after many miles of climbing, a windstorm came up with gusts up to 35+ mph, hitting from the side and making it difficult to keep my bike upright. I even had to keep pushing up my sunglasses because the kept blowing sideways on my face. 🤪

Rebecca met me in Rawlins at a BBQ and chop house, and we enjoyed dinner/supper and let the storm pass.

Once the weather cleared and I had a rest, Rebecca and I decided to take advantage of the break in the weather and press on to Saratoga, about 20 miles further than we had planned. Rebecca experienced a miracle by stopping by an RV park at 10:30 tonight and finding an open RV spot. The hostess came out and welcomed her, and it was amazing that normally she is not up that late, and they are usually booked full, but they had one cancellation, which gave us a great place to park!

Due to adding 20 miles to our day today, we have only 89 miles planned for tomorrow, mostly uphill and the forecast calling for rain.😊



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