Design Outreach Team is Growing – Join Us!

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From Greg Bixler, CEO and Co-founder:

“Men and Women wanted to save lives, transform communities, spread the Gospel and store up treasure in Heaven.”

DO is growing – Join us on mission!

We are excited about how God has continued to grow Design Outreach (DO). As we are growing, we need more full-time teammates. As I thought about outreach to friends and colleagues to help us find new team, I was inspired by a quote from the famous Antarctic explorer Ernest Shackleton. When he was searching for a ship crew, the posting read, “Men wanted for hazardous journey. Small wages, bitter cold, long months of complete darkness, constant danger, safe return doubtful. Honour and recognition in case of success.” Amazingly, people signed up, and if you know the story, it was an extremely difficult journey.

Our version of the Shackleton’s Call to Action:

At DO, our mission is far more important that Shackleton’s – helping to save lives and spread the Gospel among the most unreached, vulnerable, marginalized, and often overlooked people in the world today. So, with Shackleton’s quote modified for DO: “Men and women wanted to develop and scale appropriate technologies. Smaller than industry wages. Night and weekend hours sometimes required. Long hard months of support raising may be required. Travel to remote, hot, and economically poor developing countries necessary. In case of success, you will help save lives, transform communities, spread the Gospel, and store up treasure in Heaven.”

As you know, most of the positions at DO are support-raised (like missionaries) and that is not for everyone, but those who sign-on to commit to raising the funds through supporters for their salaries, see God at work from the beginning of their tenure and throughout.

How you can help – Spread the Word.

Would you please share this with anyone in your circle that might either be interested or know someone who might be interested? I’ve been reminded so often that God is working in amazing ways and that you never know to whom He is speaking in this way. At DO, we’re pioneers and need people who are also very dedicated, hardworking, unwilling to accept the status quo, and willing to sacrifice for the Kingdom. The rewards on earth and in heaven are amazing. Personally, DO has been one of the most exciting and rewarding opportunities I’ve ever experienced.

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