Design Outreach Reaches 100,000 People in Fight Against Global Water Poverty

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Major Threshold in Effort to Bring Safe Water to Developing World

COLUMBUS, OHIO, Sept. 1, 2021 – Design Outreach (DO), a nonprofit humanitarian engineering organization working to solve water poverty, has reached a new milestone. DO’s LifePump™ technology is now providing safe drinking water for 100,000 people globally. DO currently has 163 LifePumps installed across 10 countries, a key part of the organization’s effort to help communities that lack access to safe drinking water.

“We’re immensely pleased to see that these durable hand pumps are now serving tens of thousands of struggling families worldwide,” said Dr. Greg Bixler, co-founder and CEO of Ohio-based Design Outreach. “This is proof that reliable water-pumping equipment can serve communities long-term—and can raise living standards globally.”

The 163 LifePumps installed across Africa, Central America, and the Caribbean are providing safe, reliable water to communities that previously used an unreliable water source or that had no source of groundwater at all. LifePumps are designed to be durable enough to last years with minimal maintenance, and they reach deeper than other manual water pumps, enabling communities to access water at greater depths than previously thought possible.

“More than two billion people live without access to safe drinking water,” Bixler said. “As we look at the challenges posed by political turmoil across much of the world, we’re reminded that all families share the same basic needs. And step one is finding a reliable, practical means to provide clean drinking water. We’re continuing to bring LifePumps to these communities, and we look forward to reaching the 200,000-person mark.”

Presently, DO receives real-time daily updates from 60 of its global fleet of installed LifePumps. Bixler says the latest data confirms that LifePumps continue to operate on a steady basis for years at a time.

“Our data makes clear that rugged, smartly designed hand pumps are an effective, reliable means for families to access water each day,” he said. “We’re greatly encouraged by such a pragmatic approach, and we look forward to a day when LifePumps are operating across many thousands of global communities.”

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Design Outreach (DO) is a Christian humanitarian engineering nonprofit organization seeking to create life-sustaining technology that alleviates global poverty. DO focuses on innovative products that improve the lives of the most marginalized and vulnerable people living in rural communities in developing countries. For more information, visit


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  1. What limitations may prevent you from responding to any current essential need or request.
    Having met your design engineer from Ohio State University, I have had great appreciation for what you have done with a basic pump design that best fits cultural limitations and conditions such as exist in Haiti and other countries world wide?

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