DO Blog: Stories from the Golden Cup Day 3

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Today on Day 3, I rode from Dubois, WY, to Jeffrey City, WY, with Strava recording 130.76 miles. The weather varied from sunny and hot to a mild rain (which was quite refreshing) to overcast and quite comfortable.

DO Welcomes Interns for Summer 2021

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Design Outreach’s summer internship program is in full swing. Qinan Zhou and Nick Carlson, DO’s new interns, are working closely with Principal Engineer Naja Robinson and Project Engineer Daniel Wang on several of our current projects, including building the test stand for a fourth-generation gearbox used in LifePump and designing the handle for autoLifePump, to gain some real-world experience in engineering.

DO Community Report: Ntcheu

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In Malawi, 1 out of every 9 people don’t have access to safe and reliable water. That’s over 2 million people. Thanks to your generosity, the community of Thamanda School in the Nkhata Bay district are now enjoying the benefits of safe and reliable water.