A Powerful Story of Hope

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Cecilia’s story is touching hearts across the globe. This sweet young girl allowed us to get a small glimpse of what it was like to be a child in her community prior to LifePump being installed. She shared with us the dangers and the heartbreaks she lived with just to get water. If you have yet to watch her story, we highly suggest you do so here.

Cecilia is just one of millions of children around the world who lose precious time and face many dangers to collect water for their families each day. Our very own Regional Africa Field Director Dr. Beatrice Chisenga was one of these children. She grew up sacrificing her time, education, and childhood to gather water for her family—and then dedicated her life to changing the story for others.

In the video below, Beatrice shares her thoughts and reflections on what it was like growing up in a situation not unlike Cecilia’s—and the incredible hope and light safe water brings to rural communities.



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