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Design Outreach (DO) a Christian nonprofit

Design Outreach (DO) is a Christian nonprofit comprised of a global team of problem solvers dedicated to creating solutions to the biggest problems facing people in low-income countries. Our goal is to develop and scale the use of reliable solutions to alleviate the suffering of hundreds of millions of people living in extreme poverty.

Who We Are
The critical need for

humanitarian engineering

We live in an age of remarkable technological advancement. Billions of dollars are spent on ever-smarter smartphones, streaming devices, self-driving cars, and automation—yet they all primarily cater to the comfort and convenience of people living in the world’s most affluent nations. It’s a remarkable era of technological riches—for those of us who have never gone thirsty.

For nearly half of all people worldwide—those who survive on less than $5.50 a day—new technologies that answer even the most basic human needs are too slow to come.

This we have been called to change.

0ur Purpose

our focus

Motivated by our devotion to Jesus Christ and desire to share His love with others, Design Outreach is committed to meeting life’s most critical needs.


Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH) are essential for promoting public health and improving quality of life. Access to WASH resources is a human right—crucial for alleviating poverty and achieving sustainable community development.

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Access to medical care is critical for promoting public health and reducing mortality rates in developing countries. However, many communities lack basic medical resources and infrastructure, leading to preventable deaths and suffering.

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A 3-Year Campaign to Deliver Life-Sustaining Solutions of Immeasurable Global Impact.

Most of the world’s engineering and design efforts are focused on creating technologies that benefit the wealthiest 10% of the population. Design Outreach’s global team of problem solvers is dedicated to creating solutions to the biggest problems facing people living in the poorest countries. With $15 million in new gifts by 2026, Design Outreach will bring help and hope to millions, making an immeasurable impact for generations to come.

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