8 Years of Continuous, Safe Water and a New Generation of Hope

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Zolomondo, Malawi:

clean water vs dirtyLife is hard if you are a child growing up in rural Malawi. According to the CDC, “an estimated 446,000 children younger than 5 years old die each year from diarrhea, mostly in developing countries1.” Infant mortality is so high, that it is common for parents to wait to name their children until they are a year old.

But the story is different for the smiling children gathered around the LifePump in Zolomondo, Malawi. This pump has been providing water for the community every day since it was installed on November 13, 2013. These children have not had to suffer from preventable waterborne diseases or had to wake early for the arduous and dangerous task of walking miles each day to collect dirty water. Instead, this group of children—8 years and younger—is happy, healthy, enjoying childhood, and attending school.

The visiting members of our U.S. team were able to see for themselves the impact of having a source of reliable water over the years. Brick homes are being built, livestock are thriving, and gardens are growing. Zolomondo is living proof that when a community receives this long-term, safe water supply, they can meet their daily needs and begin to flourish on their own.

Kayenda, Malawi: The Highest-Use LifePump in the World

During the November trip to Malawi, our team visited a community called Kayenda, which received a LifePump three years ago. It has the distinction of being the highest-use LifePump in the world, used on average about 14 hours a day (it once peaked at 21 hours in a day)! Since installation, the LifePumpLink dashboard has shown the handles have turned over 55,000,000 times. This is incredible when thinking about how reliable technology is important, and how this sort of use requires high-performance engineering.

Factual Paulos Story: A Life Being Transformed by the Gospel When a LifePump
Was Installed

We know that the Gospel changes lives, and sometimes we get to witness the transformation. On a recent visit to Mtenje, Malawi, Factual Paulos was one of the recipients of a Bible. Joyfully, he shared his testimony of giving his life to Christ in December 2020 when the LifePump was installed in his community and a local preacher shared God’s word.

He has two young children, and because of Christ, he has stopped drinking and now is using the money to feed his children.

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